make change rewarding


Achieving brilliant outcomes in health
and social care settings.

Today, it is as if health and social care service providers small, medium and large need
also to be accountants, lawyers, public relations officers, as well as being care providers. Legislation, ever-increasing regulation and scrutiny, reduced budgets, media attention, staffing and building costs are just some of the pressures which providers find themselves under. Hugh helps you and your organisation through this minefield and to deliver high quality and regarded services.

Hugh’s mission is to help people and organisations review their working practices which empowers them to shape and change through strategy and planning, and to better adapt to people’s needs and the future.

With a background in leading and growing organisations, their services and profiles at local and national levels, Hugh’s experience can be used to help you shape and prepare your service for the future with confidence.

Hugh supports your organisation to heighten the quality of their services for vulnerable people, but also to prepare them to become robust, sustainable and ready to meet the demands of commissioners, policy makers, families and regulators.